Oryx and Crake

by Oryx and Crake

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released 14 August 2010



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Oryx and Crake Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Fun Funeral
Fun Funeral

Wake up it’s time for fun funeral
Put on your best gown for the black ball

Put on your veil to hide your smile
Now you’ve finally won your trial

Brothers and sisters gather round
You’ll try to keep from laughing out loud

Now you can see him
Now you can see him
Go down

Just twelve years old but still a find
Transfusing youth into a misguided mind

Flashing bills in a parking lot
Buying Barbies for a girl she’s not

Sharing his bloodlines awkwardly
Now it’s time to put this hell to sleep

Now you can see him
Now you can see him
Go down
Track Name: Bed Death
bed death

so many Hollywood whores on parade
so much flesh for me to rise

but in the cemetery we'd lay side by side
our names inscribed by tooth and nail

but you're alone and so am I
punctured by the life we hide

bring it on back

stained wedding dress under the bed
your red panties a distant memory

this house is almost empty
me and a teapot whistling harmony

bring it on back

you rage and I fury
arms and needles thrown
when all we need to throw down is each other

bring it on back

cause you're laying down with everything
you're laying down your everything
Track Name: I Could Be Anyone Anymore
I could be anyone any more

I can tell that it’s started now and I can’t stop it
Hole in the sky and it’s burning us all giving sunshine cancer
And you feel like it’s all been done it’s already over
And I feel it coming on I can’t stop it

Coming out of that soft woolen home is a hard place to go
You sit alone in that sensory vacuum while I’m out riding horses
But you’ve been held in for so long it’s killing you slowly
And I cannot follow you there, come on over here

I don’t know who I am anymore
I could be anyone any more
But it’s all the same to me
And I’m everything at once

I can tell that’s all finished now and it’s what I’d been wanting
An atom bomb pins our shadows to the wall and it’s all we have left
And you fist the handle one more time winding and winding
And I will explode into a thousand parts and put myself together

I don’t know who I am anymore
I could be anyone any more
But it’s all the same to me
And I’m everything at once
Track Name: Open Your Eyes
Open your eyes

You’re lying here next to me
Holding my hand that you can not feel

Burning through my memories
Night and day dreams that are real

Outside of your body
People come and go
Saying their goodbyes

But inside your body
We’re only shadows
Dancing on the other side

Open your eyes
Before you die
Take back your black and blue life

There’s only one life
come on outside
deliver paradise

all the ghosts inside your bedroom
are not allowed to bang the gavel
ghosts can’t harm you

the ones who love you are a beautiful place
and feeling good means seeing her face
come on home
Track Name: Superlady

I wanted you to be my superlady
But everything has it’s own time

I wanted you to be my superlady
But I’ve got to fix myself

I wanted you to be my superlady
But I’ve got to care

I wanted you to be my superlady
And you are

R Peoples
Track Name: Pretty How Towns
pretty how towns

goin through town watch all the clowns makin money
there’s you and me broke as can be with holes in our jeans
driving along our favorite songs keep us movin'
through thousands of miles nobody smiles
but we just keep singing
please, please

keep tossin' the dice our paradise is bound to be
stuck in the next city where all the pretty men and women live
you wanna give up we can’t just give up we gotta keep
searchin keep searchin' forget all the hurt and realize our dreams
please, please

that coffee shop’s as close as we got is this a sign
no matter where we are if we keep goin' farther there’ll be better times
these pretty how towns are all that’s around I gotta get
okay with this fact try not to react this place is goin' to shit
please, please
Track Name: Unbound

everyone is so tired of lugging you around
everyone is so tired of you dragging us down
every time I see you you’ve got a new crown
no one here needs you, to you we’re not bound

the time has come for me to move away from you
the son has come to claim his rightful place
we’re tearing down the throne you’ve always ruled from
my mother sends you off with no bye bye bye

the place where you lay to sleep is falling
done in by neglect and by storm
the wooden spoon you used on us has broke
everyone knows all about it

the love we share will break this spell
and all that’s gone on will be done
you have been so hung up and it’s time to move on

the love we share will break this spell
and all that’s gone on will be done
you have been so hung up and it’s time to move on
Track Name: Deep Sea Diver
Deep-Sea Diver

Falling fast under the ocean
Away from everyone
The great black vastness that I‘ve always wanted
Is finally mine for the taking

And all the real world with all of its problems
Don’t even matter while I’m sinking
Now that I’m passed 100 feet
I turn my light on and don’t see

Deep-sea diver is forging ahead
to where no one is looking for
Pressure is building he has trouble breathing in the air
No light, no air

200 feet and my teeth are cold
And I’m finally reaching
Nobody around to know me
Or even to know my name

Nothing sounds in this deep anyway
All silence and doom breeding
I thought I went in to discover
Touched the bottom and be my own lover

Deep-sea diver is floating back to the top
A lonely raft in the sun
Sometimes after too much introspection
You’re left the only one
No light, no love
Track Name: Lullaby #1

Go to sleep dream a dream we’ll still be here when you wake up
Float in space I touch your face as your day ache flies away
You’re a child lovely child there’s no reason tonight to grow up
Lay your thoughts down to soar off the pillow into nowhere
Go to sleep dream a dream there’s no reason to wake up

Thank you mother for laying down with me
Thank you sister for showing me the way
Thank you brother for hitting me so soft
Thank you father for making me feel large